Sunday, November 6, 2011

Timing is Everything

What could have been

Timing is everything.

It's Octavio Dotel having his career revived by being traded to a manager who has heard of platoon splits and the hometown kid David Freese blasting out the heroics after a Braves legendary collapse.

It's having no one question your ridiculous STRAIGHT EDGE tattoo because you're the only starting pitcher in free agency that isn't one poor outing away from being demoted to being a T-ball rover.

It's putting all the naysayers to bed by getting a 3000th hit not just out of the infield but out of the park before going on a second half streak that makes people forget about how much longer you're under contract for.

It's having a GM on the other end of the phone reject your trade offer of Tim Lincecum because it seems as if Alex Rios' career is taking off instead of reaching its apex.

It's the Pirates finishing below .500 for 19 consecutive seasons, ending up with multiple first overall picks, but missing the years where once in a generation talents like Strasburg or Bryce Harper are available.

It's falling into the opportunity to trade for that prospect taken one pick too early because the Brewers were forced to go all-in since Prince Fielder wants to get PAID.

Most importantly though, it's two professional students deciding to share their views on baseball with the world right at the time when the only things to talk about are Juan Rivera and Chien-Ming Wang re-signings. 

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